Dance Calendar

Here’s the Calendar of Our Upcoming Dances (Beginners Are Always Welcome. First Thursday Dances Include Many “Fun and Easy” Dances)

Thurs. Dec. 7  Freedman Center  Gail Lacy The Highlanders!!! + Mara – Julie – Dean 
Thurs. Dec. 14  Freedman Center Allan Troxler et al.  LIVE MUSIC!  
Thurs. Dec. 21  Freedman Center Leah Hefner
Thurs. Dec. 28  Freedman Center Allan Troxler LIVE MUSIC!
Sun. Dec. 31 Murphey School Cavalcade of callers New Year's Eve Dance — 8:30 until … with Hey Fever (Joey – Julie – Roz & Walt)
Thurs. Jan. 4  Freedman Center Gail Lacy
Thurs. Jan. 11  Freedman Center Allan Troxler LIVE MUSIC!  Beginners' lesson at 7:15
Thurs. Jan. 18 Binkley Baptist Church  Mary McConnell
Thurs. Jan. 25  Binkley Baptist Church  Leah Hefner LIVE MUSIC!
Thurs. Feb. 1  Location TBA Pat Peterson
Thurs. Feb. 8  Location TBA  Gail Lacy LIVE MUSIC!  Beginners' lesson at 7:15
Thurs. Feb. 15  Location TBA Pat Petersen
Thurs. Feb. 22 Location TBA Pat Petersen LIVE MUSIC!
Thurs. March 1  Location TBA  Leah Hefner
Thurs. March 8  Location TBA Gail Lacy LIVE MUSIC!  Beginners' lesson at 7:15
March 10-11 Murphey School DanceFest!!! Kalia Kliban Mara et al. – with Atossa Kramer
Thurs. March 15  Location TBA  Pat Petersen
Thurs. March 22  Location TBA Allan Troxler LIVE MUSIC!
Thurs. March 29 Location TBA Pat Petersen