Our Dance Calendar

Here’s the Calendar of Our Upcoming Dances (Beginners Are Always Welcome. First Thursday Dances Include Many “Fun and Easy” Dances)

Thurs. July 6  Freedman Center Pat Petersen
Thurs. July 13 Freedman Center Allan Troxler  LIVE MUSIC!  Beginners' lesson at 7:15
Thurs. July 20  Freedman Center Gail Lacy
Thurs. July 27  Freedman Center Leah Hefner  LIVE MUSIC!
Thurs. Aug. 3  Freedman Center  Allan Troxler
Thurs. Aug. 10  Freedman Center  Gail Lacy  LIVE MUSIC!  Beginners' lesson at 7:15
Thurs. Aug. 17  Freedman Center  Allan Troxler
Thurs. Aug. 24  Freedman Center  Leah Hefner  LIVE MUSIC!
Thurs. Aug. 31  Freedman Center Pat Petersen 5th Thursday — watch for special topic!
Thurs. Sept. 7  Freedman Center Gail Lacy
Thurs. Sept. 14  Freedman Center Pat Petersen  LIVE MUSIC!  Beginners' lesson at 7:15
Thurs. Sept. 21  Freedman Center Allan Troxler
Thurs. Sept. 28  Freedman Center Mary McConnell  LIVE MUSIC!